Saturday, October 25, 2008

100 Days and Counting

We are exactly 100 days from our estimated due date and Kyleigh's debut. We are slowing getting things ready for her. I've washed alot of Abbie's baby clothes and filled up the dresser and closet already. We've collected all our baby items that we had let friends and family borrow over the years and will be getting those back in working order this weekend. We've still got alot of work to do in the nursery but hopefully it won't take too long to have it looking like a baby's room again. Abbie is all settled in to her new big girl room and loves sleeping on the top bunk. She still thinks Kyleigh will be sleeping on the bottom bunk. I think one night of baby crying will change her mind real fast. I told her that I would be camping out on the bottom bunk for a while just to be closer to the nursery and she was cool with that idea.

I went yesterday for my 6 month checkup. It was pretty uneventful. Kyleigh's heartbeat was a strong 151/pm and it was the first visit where they located the heartbeat on the first try (I guess she was relaxing). They measured me and said everything was on track. I'm starting to gain a little weight but nothing to be concerned about. I go back in three weeks (Nov 14th) for another glucose test. Hopefully I will pass this one with flying colors like I did the first one. I will probably start going every three weeks until the end of December and then every week until the big day.

Kyleigh has been very active this last month, kicking and hiccuping mostly. My bathroom breaks are more frequent and it's getting so hard to get comfortable during the day at work and when I'm trying to sleep. I'm considering renting a lazy boy!

We've signed Abbie up for a sibling class at the hospital on Nov 17th. She will learn how to hold and feed the baby and will get to make a present for the baby. She will also get to tour the nursery at the hospital.

The hospital opens a new women's center in Nov and I was given the map yesterday to make sure we get to the right building when the big days comes. I told Jon-Mike to plug it into the navigation system in his new truck so he doesn't get lost on the way (although we've been to the hospital a dozen times).