Saturday, November 29, 2008

November 26th Check-up

The check-up Wednesday was un-eventful. I've only gained 1/2 lb since the last check-up which brings me to a total of 6 lbs for the pregnancy (all baby). I'm very excited about this fact. My blood pressure was fine at 120/82 and the babies heart beat was 144 bpm. This is the lowest heart beat thus far but I'm pretty sure she was sleeping during the visit. I've managed to keep my sugar levels in check for the most part and did good during the Thanksgiving festivities too. I will have two more visits to the doctor for 2008 and then we start going every week starting in January unless something happens before then. I have a better chance now of delivering earlier but we will pray Kyleigh hangs out in the oven for 2 more months.

Abbie will be celebrating her 5th Birthday on Wednesday and we will be celebrating with a dinosaur movie night for her friends on Saturday after Jon-Michael and I return from our 1st child birth class.

My next appointment is Friday, Dec 12th and I will report back then.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

This weeks update

Well this has been a long week and I was so excited for the weekend to get here so I could relax (or come close anyways).
Monday I went for my 3 hour glucose test. There were 3 other people doing the test with me but theirs were only a 2 hour test but it was nice seeing others going through the ordeal. Needless to say I failed the test which is exactly what the doctor had predicted. As a result I was informed that I had to attend a mandatory diabetic counseling session on Friday. I was not looking forward to the counseling and had joked with my co-workers all week that I was having to go to AA for sugar addicts. The counseling wasn't too bad I guess. Basically I'm having to watch my carb intake very closely and check my insulin levels 4 times a day. I've gotten pretty good at pricking my finger. I had to visit the lab yet again for one more blood draw to determine if I will have to have insulin as well. I guess I will get those results next week (and I'm praying for good news from that one). I've done good so far with eating and keeping everything in check. Kyleigh isn't moving around quite as much due to the lack of sugar but she's still active in the early morning hours and right after I eat. I was told that I could have unsweet tea in moderation (woo hoo).

Well after my first visit to Gainesville on Monday I came home and crashed for a few hours before picking Abbie up to travel back to the hospital for her BIG sister class (see pic below). The class was really nice and she got to learn how to hold the baby, feed the baby and to change a diaper. She had the diaper thing now with no problems but holding the babies head while feeding was a little tricky so we will definitely have to help her with that. She was disappointed when we toured the hospital because there were no babies in the nursery. Margaret our RN for the tour informed us that they try to keep the babies in the mothers room unless they have a busy delivery night which is why the nursery was empty. Abbie wanted to go find a baby and I couldn't make her understand that we just couldn't go into someones room to see their new baby.

I go back for my next follow-up appointment on Wednesday and will continue to go every two weeks until January. Now that I'm considered diabetic I will have a few more ultrasounds scheduled just to make sure Kyleigh is okay and that she isn't too big. I will check back in on Wednesday for another update.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in case I miss you!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

28th week checkup

So today we went for our 28th week checkup...only 80 days to go. I had to take another glucose test because the first test was done earlier than usual due to my blood pressure. I didn't pass the test which means I have to take a 3-hour test on Monday. If I fail this test the doctor will place me on a strict meal plan for the rest of the pregnancy and I may have to monitor my insulin daily. I'm not sure of all the details yet, I wasn't really listening to anything that was said after the nurse told me the news today, I just broke down. The doctor measured me and said I'm measuring a little big for this stage of the game. I'm not worrying about that too much b/c a different doctor measured me at the last visit. I would rather have the same person measure me each time so I can feel more confident that the measurements are being taken the same each time.

There was some good news that came out of the visit today. I've only gained 1/2 lb since the last visit three weeks ago. I can't complain with that. My blood pressure was fine as well, 130/72. The glucose test seems to make the numbers rise a bit.

Abbie and I are scheduled to attend the Big Sister class on Monday which will be exciting for both of us. We will get to tour the new nursery at the hospital and see the babies too. Jon-Michael and I decided to take child birth classes and we are scheduled to start those on Saturday, Dec 6th and finish up on Saturday, Dec 13th.

I will start going to the doctor every two weeks at this point and my next appointment is on November 26th.

Kyleigh has really gotten active since the last visit and I've almost got her schedule figured out.

I've got all of Abbie's baby clothes washed and put away in the nursery. We will be working this weekend to get the nursery back together and move the rest of Abbie's toys over to her big girl room.

That's about it for now, keep us in your prayers as we get through the last few months before the big arrival.