Saturday, September 27, 2008

We finally decided on a name

Thanks to all of our friends for your input on the names we had picked for our little one. We decided to combine some names and came up with Kyleigh Elizabeth. Kyleigh means "boomerang" which is perfect because she is becoming very active. The nurses continue to have a hard time finding her heartbeat because she refuses to relax long enough. Elizabeth wasn't too hard for us to decide on. Elizabeth was my Aunt Margaret's middle name who recently passed away. I thought it would be a nice tribute to her memory to include her as we named our next little princess.

What else is happening...I went back to the doctor on 9/26 for a follow-up visit due to my blood preasure being so high last week. Thank goodness it had come down to 120/62. The nurse again had a difficult time finding Kyleigh's heartbeat but when she did it was a strong 151 beats per minute. I was told that my blood work from last week had come back completely normal as well. I continue to worry about my left foot swelling the way it does and finally got a reasonable explaination. My mid-wife told me that more than likely Kyleigh was comfortable on my left side and was pushing on a nerve or blood vessel causing swelling on one side more than the other. She told me to watch my salt intake, drink plenty of water and to prop my feet up whenever possible.

We discussed the frequency of my next few visits and I will continue to go for follow-ups every 4 weeks for the months of October and November and starting in December will begin going every two weeks until January when I will be a regular visitor every week.

We've started doing some baby shopping and Abbie's has picked out Kyleigh's coming home outfit. I've posted some pictures of the things Big Sister has picked out so far. We also managed to find some GA Tech baby items for Jon-Mike since he isn't appreciative of the GA Bull Dawg items we've bought so far.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

September 19th Ultrasound Pictures...20 weeks

Baby DeBona - actually being still long enough to take the picture

Another shot being still

Up close profile shot

Looking at us (probably wanting more sugar)

Little nose


Friday, September 19, 2008

and baby DeBona will be...

you seriously didn't think I would tell you the good news first. Nope you've got to read about the rest of the day before you find out if its a boy or a girl.

Today was an eventful day. We are finishing transitioning Abbie into our once guest room and making it her new BIG girl room. The walls have gone from Asian orange to Princess pink and purple. Her new Disney Princess furniture (including bunk beds) was delivered today along with her new mattresses. We haven't quit finished painting but hopefully will get it finished this weekend.

Over Labor Day weekend we went to visit Ashley (Jon-Mike's sister) in Savannah and went to the beach for Abbie's first visit. Leave it to me to come home with sunburnt feet so severe that I couldn't walk for a couple of days. On top of the sunburn my feet begin to swell taking me from my once size 6 shoe to now a size 7 1/2. That week I went to the doctor to determine why my feet were so swollen and he chalked it up to the sunburn which also threw my blood pressure off the charts (as far as I'm concerned 140/90). He also decided that I should go ahead and test early for gestational diabetes.

NOW two weeks later my right foot has gone back to being somewhat normal but my left is only getting worse. Today we went for our 20 week check up. Yep, I'm half way through my pregnancy (wooo hooo). I had my glucose test first which wasn't too bad and I passed with flying colors. Next we went for our ultrasound. The tech was wonderful and said the baby was very active and seemed to really enjoy the sugar drink I had for the glucose test. This one was alot better than the first one. We got to see all angles of the baby and they put it on DVD for us too. After the US I met with my midwife and my blood pressure was still high (150/80). She decided to send me back to the lab for additional blood work to determine if this is pregnancy related as it just started two weeks ago or if its genetic. I should know the results next week and have to go back for a follow-up on Tuesday. Everything else was fine. She told me to stay off my feet as much as possible and to rest when I could (easy for her to say...she doesn't have a 4-yr old running around).

The baby is completely perfect, size, weight, everything is right where it should be.

Oh and for the news you've been waiting for...

We are still trying to decide on a name and would love your input, the names we've come up with are:
Ashlynn Elizabeth DeBona
Riley Elizabeth DeBona
Callie Elizabeth DeBona
Kara Elizabeth DeBona
Allison Elizabeth DeBona
Avery Elizabeth DeBona
Kenley Elizabeth DeBona
I'll post US pictures tomorrow.