Friday, March 13, 2009

2 months old

Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I posted anything so what better to do at 7am on Friday the 13th as I'm waiting for Kyleigh to wake up.

Kyleigh is two months old today, well I guess she will actually be two months on the 16th but 8 weeks ago today is when she graced us with her appearance. She is growing so fast. She has started sleeping through the night (thank goodness) and we think she's starting to cut her first tooth (ot two). Ironically Abbie has lost two teeth within the past month and Kyleigh is showing all the signs of cutting them. Funny how things work out. We also welcomed our new niece (and cousin) Samantha "Sammie" Inez Millwood on March 2nd so our family has expanded by two beautiful girls this year.

Abbie seems to be adjusting pretty well at being a big sister. She does better at home rather than when we have company or go visit her grandparents because she has to fight for attention, or so she thinks she does. But in all honesty she doing great with Kyleigh. She loves feeding her and holding her and wants to help out at bathtime as much as I will let her. Kyleigh still doesn't like bathtime so I try to get that task completed as quickly as possible as she screams.

Enjoy the pictures,
love Gina