Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and Santa brought you everything you had hoped for. He treated us very well. We got alot of gifts off of our baby registry for Kyleight including a new travel system (stroller & car seat) , high chair (which I didn't have for Abbie and was a must the 2nd time around), bibs, tummy time gym, clothes and socks. I received a Vera Bradley duffle bag from my mother-in-law which will be my overnight bag for the hospital and my mom got me an oversized GA t-shirt as well. I'm starting to pack my bag and Kyleigh's so we are ready when...well when she is. Everything is pretty much ready for her arrival.

My last OB appointment which was on Christmas Eve was pretty uneventful. Kyleigh's heartbeat was strong at 150/bpm. The mid-wife asked me the standard questions and that was about it. She said I would have one more 2 week appointment and then would be visiting every week until D-Day. My next appointment is scheduled for Jan 9th when they will test for Group Strep B. This is a routine test which I'm not worried about.

I also went to see my prenatal specialist on Christmas Eve as well. I'm trying to schedule the double visits on the same day to eliminate trips to Gainesville. Each time I visit the specialist they check my blood preasure which was normal and do an ultrasound. During the ultrasound they measure everything, Kyleigh's heart, stomach, baldder and kidney's and the fluid around her. They even take 3D/4D shots which is cool. During this appointment my fluid level had gone down which was the goal. I review my blood sugar results with the Doctor and then schedule my next visit. Apparently I will be seeing him every week until D-Day too. He advised me to double the medication he had given me to lower my sugar which completely backfired on me over Christmas.

Today, New Year's Eve I went back for an ultrasound with the specialist. He was on vacation so there was no consult this week. The tech did the same routine. My fluid level has gone back up which is disappointing but hopefully with the holidays behind us I can get it back under control. The tech bothered me this week because she couldn't make up her mind if she wanted Kyleigh to lie still or do tumbles. She started hitting my tummy with the ultrasound wand trying to get Kyleigh to move and I finally had to tell her she was hurting me.

Well I go back to see both doctors on Jan 9th. The OB will do the 1st exam since I've been pregnant so hopefully she will tell me I'm starting to dialate. After this visit I will go over to see the Specialist and hopefully I will get a good report and my sugar levels and fluid will be down again.

It's not too much longer...only 33 days to go...enjoy the picture from the 3D today

Until next week...

Happy New Year to our friends and family.

We hope each of you are blessed in 2009!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

8 months...46 days to go

I had a follow-up visit to my OB last Friday (12/12) which was very uneventful. It took me just over an hour and a half to get to the office from work and the visit lasted all of 10 minutes. I pray that I don't go into labor at work on a Friday b/c the drive from Buckhead to Gainesville is not fun. Needless to say there wasn't anything to post regarding that visit, I had gained 1 lb and my blood preasure was normal. My mid-wife Kelly did advise that I be seen by a Dr. Allaire who is a neonatal specialist for a couple of reasons, primarily due to being diabetic and the other because I'm measuring a little big.

We went for this appointment today. My appointment time was 2:30pm but at 3:10pm when they still hadn't called me back I inquired with the receptionist/office manager who totally missed me signing in and waiting. Honestly if she had stopped chatting on the phone and gossiping with friends she may have noticed me (who can miss me these days). Anyways...we finally got to go in for our ultrasound. The nurse took a ton of pictures for the Dr to review, mostly of Kyleigh's heart, stomach and brain. Kyleigh was moving and kicking the entire time and it was very difficult for her to get the shots she needed. We were excited because she took some 3D pictures for us too which we weren't expecting to get. Both the nurse and Dr. Allaire said that Kyleigh looked great. She is measuring about a week ahead of where she should be but he wasn't concerned with that. He was concerned with the amount of fluid around her and has placed me on an oral medication to assist me in controling my blood sugar levels. I've done pretty good with the blood sugar since being diagnosed but he wants to me begin testing first thing every morning which means I will be pricking my finger 4x per day rather than 3x. I go back next Wednesday (Christmas Eve) for another follow-up with my mid-wife and I will also go back to visit Dr. Allaire. I also have to fax my blood sugar results to Dr. Allaire weekly so he can monitor my progress until Kyleigh arrives. I think that about covers everything with the appointments. I'm starting to "waddle" and I'm having alot of pain on my left side. I can't determine if the pain is being caused by contractions, my pelvis preparing for labor and delivery, Kyleigh's position or what but I will discuss that with the mid-wife next week. I'm taking a few days off as we prepare for Christmas and I'm trying to stay off my feet for the most part.

Jon-Mike and I finished our child birth classes on Saturday (12/13) and took a tour of the hospital. I had already seen most everything when I attended with Abbie for the sibling class but this time we actually got to go into one of the L&D rooms and the recovery room in case we have a c-section. I've determined that if "mothers-to-be" actaully sat through the child birth class prior to getting pregnant that alot would change their mind about having a baby. We practiced our "breathing" techniques some more and reviewed what items we need to pack for the hospital. I will take care of this after Christmas since I'm not getting my new Vera Bradley duffle/hospital bag until then.
I will post more on Christmas Eve after our next appointments.
Until then...We Wish you a Merry Christmas!!!!